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Rockin Country Privacy and Legal Statement

Rockin Country is a copyrighted entity of Alan Firestone productions and may not be used without permission.

Alan Firestone Productions is an Equal Opportunity Employer, under federal and local employment laws.


I. No broadcast may be reproduced or redistributed without prior written consent of show management, or show producers.
II. All broadcasts, including shows and music, are copyrighted, and udner RIAA and FCC regulations for broadcast.

2. Advertising

I. All content of advertising on this show, is the responsability of the advertiser.
II. Adverts that may be considered offensive, racist, or insulting, may be omitted at any time, and may not be broadcasted at all.
III. This show is not responsabile for availability, quality, or location of products or services in adverts.

3. Music

I. All music is under license of the artists/labels/management. All music submitted must retain proper ID3 tags, if not, royalties on such music may not be paid.
II. Royalties are paid for under general licensing, and not by the station.
III. Music from outside the United States must be legal for U.S. airplay. The submitter of such music agrees when submitting that the music is legal, and takes full responsability.
IV. Songs with explicit lyrics will either be omitted from airplay, or such lyrics blanked under broadcast regulations.
V. Music submmitted and broadcasted on this show will not be made available for download on this station, nor used for promotional purposes without this station making pre-arrangements with the artist and their management.
VI. All music submitted is under agreement that this show may broadcast the music in it's entirety in random, or preset rotation, unless otherwise agreed upon.

4. Privacy

I. This show will not share or sell any information supplied by it's listeners or artists without their prior consent.
II. Legal Authorities requesting information will override (I.) of this section with proper requests for purposes of investigation
III. This show will not ask for personal information without explination of the purpose of said information.

5. Other Information

I. Greviences, complaints, inquiries, and other correspondances may be made through our contact form on the website's main menu.
II. This show reserves the right to prohibit access to any listener, website visitor, or broadcaster, at any time, for any reason.
III. This station is a registered copyrighted broadcast station under Licensing.This includes broadcast and website.
IV. Ownership of this show is Alan Firestone Productions.

This show is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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